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Projet d'usine de production de batteries haut-de-france : toutes nos offres d'emploi

Project Master Planner


AESC is currently seeking a highly experienced Project Master Planner to join our team for a significant Engineering-Procurement-Construction project. This project involves the construction of large-scale production lines that have never been built before, aiming to achieve cell production volume at an unprecedented scale. Our work environment is fast-paced and highly thrilling.


We are looking for individuals with exceptional talent who are passionate about advancing energy sustainability. As a Senior Planner, we expect you to bring your expertise and passion for solving complex problems that push the boundaries of what is possible. Furthermore, we value team success beyond individual accomplishments and require an unwavering positive attitude towards sustained hard work.


Join us in this exciting opportunity to contribute to the expansion of our product portfolio and make a significant impact in the field of energy sustainability.






What we offer: